Company and Mission

CollegeWindow, Inc. is a specialized multimedia research and digital information company focused in the education space and dedicated to making college search more visual, interactive, organized, easy, and enjoyable, by using a new, original, combined, unique, “college visits online” video-based and fact-oriented format for over 3,000 U.S. colleges and campuses. We believe that college search should be visual and alive with videos, inspirational, intuitive, and even fun.

The Mission of is to help students, parents, and college counselors view and compare colleges online and with ease. We do this with State Explorer page linking to the colleges in each State, the National Explorer that gets you to the colleges with a clickable national map, and the Compare Colleges page where you can line up colleges at one time and compare them side by side. Or you can just use the Search box and type in the name of the college you are thinking about. Consider this website your visual college resource for campus video tours and deep informational dives to search by State or by national map, and compare colleges, accessible to you 24/7.

What We Do to Help You with Your College Search

We provide to you, organized all in one place, specially curated campus video tours and more for the over 3,500 4-year colleges and universities and 2-year technical and community colleges in the United States. Ultimate college search convenience in visual clear view is right here.

Watch Authentic Campus video tours and Testimonials from College Students and Staff you can watch one or more campus tour videos and testimonials per college or university, which show you the campus by bike, car, aerial drone, or other modes of transport; student and professor testimonials, dorm views; academic or sports events; campus lifestyle; and more.

Take a Video Channel ride to experience the campus vibe –  most colleges have these and you can go there from right here for each college.

Visit the College Websites and Social Media Links – the college websites are listed per college.

Explore Academic programs, living, tuition and Apply for admission – we connect you to this information, per college.

Accreditation Status – you need to know the level of accreditation, meaning how the college is recognized professionally and deemed legitimate by the State where it is located.

Money for College Calculator – determine your estimated net price to attend any colleges you are considering.

Fast Facts on Tuition and more – include coed or men or women only, private or public, location city, county, and State, tuition, living expenses (room and board).

Financial Aid – Scholarships, Grants, and specific opportunities and process for obtaining financial aid per college. Where to find the money and how to get it.

Getting In – In addition to the direct application information for each college on their respective pages, we also have our Getting In page that has more information on the application process, SAT and ACT tests, and more. This page also provides you with College Blog Access to top blog sites you can use for high school students and parents to ask questions and obtain answers from blogging college students, faculty, and staff.

Money for College – On each college page, we provide the tuition, financial aid, housing, and other college affordability. We also have our Money for College page that has more information on how to apply for and obtain financial aid and where to find lists of available scholarships nationally and locally.

Compare Colleges – You can even line up colleges and compare their key information and access links to more details, all on our Compare Colleges page.

And there is so much more….

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