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Calendar is where you can find guidance on what to do and when for PSAT, SAT, ACT, AP tests, application filing, financial aid, scholarships, teacher recommendations, essay preparation and more.

Here is calendar guidance, organized by the listed 7 categories below.

1. Freshman to Senior Year (9th thru 12th grade):

Freshman to Senior Year General Timeline Guide from Khan Academy – freshman to senior year, general calendar of what to do when toward applying and getting into college.

9th thru 12th grade General College Planning Calendar from OnlineCollegePlanning – colorful chart presentation and text lists for planning actions to take toward testing, applying, obtaining financial aid, for college.


2. Freshman and Sophomore Year (9th and 10th grade):

Freshman and Sophomore Right Track from College Board – to help freshman and sophomore students navigate the college search process.


3. Junior Year (11th grade):

11th Grade College Planning from CollegeBoard – monthly guide to tests and application actions to take during your junior year of high school.


4. Senior Year (12th grade):

12th Grade Student Timeline from CollegeBoard – guidance on what 12 grade students should be doing to get into college during the fall, winter, spring of their senior year in high school.

Senior Year College Planning Calendar from MappingYourFuture – provides detailed month by month planning and actions list in preparation for applying and getting into college.

Senior Year Month by Month Planner from EducationCorner – provides guidance on monthly actions college-bound high school students should take.


5. Junior and Senior Year (11th and 12th grade):

Junior and Senior Year Timeline from CollegeVine – month by month calendar of when to take the PSAT, SAT, ACT, AP tests, attend college fairs, request teacher recommendations, use the Common Application (known as the “common app”), research and apply for scholarships, and more.


6. 2019 and 2020:

Calendar 2019 Key Info from CollegeBoard – month by month calendar information on college application process and actions to take, from summer thru December 2019 regarding testing, preparing and filing college applications and financial aid applications.

2019‐20 First Year Deadlines, Fees and Requirements from CommonApp – provides a very detailed grid chart of the application deadlines for the 800 plus colleges that participate in the CommonApp application system.

Application Deadline Examples in 2019 from PrepScholar – college application deadlines for regular decision (RD), early action (EA), early decision (ED), and/or rolling admissions (RA), when to take SAT or ACT, and when to obtain recommendation letters and write your college essay.


7. Financial Aid and Scholarships:

Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Application Timeline from U.S. Department of Education – when to apply for federal student financial aid, using the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) application form. Keep October 1 as when the FAFSA application for the next year becomes available, and apply as soon as you can after that date.

Scholarship Timeline from ScholarshipWorkshop – provides calendar and substantive guidance on when and where to apply for scholarships to college.

Check back for more calendar information, updates, and additions, which may be UNDER CONSTRUCTION and released from time to time. 😊

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