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Key Education Source Lists:

Top 100 Most Affordable Colleges 2019

Best Value Colleges in America for 2020 *

* (Please note: The above “Best Value Colleges in American for 2020” list is based on average cost AFTER students eligible for financial aid receive grant or scholarship aid, as reported by the college. Generally, the tuition or cost amounts on this list are much lower than the normal tuition cost without any grants or scholarships.)

Degree Programs by Affordability 2019

The 25 Most Affordable Universities in America 2019

Historically Black College and Universities (HBCU) List

Best Value Colleges for Minorities 2019

30 Best Colleges for International Students

NCAA Sports Division Colleges and Other Factors Lists

Fame / Glam Lists (from press media sources), for fun:

Successful Entrepreneurs with College Degrees

Where Famous Tech CEOs Went to College

Famous African-American College Graduates

Black Enterprise Magazine’s Top 50 Colleges For African-Americans

100 Celebrities with College Degrees

Where 51 Celebrities Went to College


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