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College Search, Scholarships, Financial Aid

Guidance VIDEOS from School Counselors & College Admissions Counselors

Great quick advice videos for students on college search, applying, Common App, financial aid and FAFSA application (30 – 60 seconds per video), from videos and videos.

  1. How to start searching for college (Rebecca Aponte, Commonwealth Parkville School, San Juan PR)
  2. What to keep in mind when building your college list (Arlene Woolley Cash, Guilford College, Greensboro NC)
  3. Advice for students who are stressed out about college (Rachel Kaney, Charles R. Drew Charter School, Atlanta GA)
  4. Best advice for writing the personal essay (Kathleen Burkett, MSD of Wayne Township, Indianapolis IN)
  5. One tip for starting the Common App (Anna Coyne, Metropolitan School of Wayne Township, Indianapolis IN)
  6. The Common App, explained (Counselor Anna Coyne, Metropolitan School of Wayne Township, Indianapolis IN)
  7. First generation college students advice (Jeremy Goldman, Pikesville HS, Baltimore MD)
  8. Tips for filling out the Common App (Cindy Pendergast, The Brimmar and May School, Chestnut Hill MA)
  9. Resources students should use for college planning (Josh Ditsky, Berkshire Catholic HS, Reading PA)
  10. How to get organized to prepare for college search (Peggy Hock, St. Lawrence Academy, Santa Clara CA)
  11. What you need to do after you are accepted (Herbie Walker, Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy, Las Vegas NV)
  12. What students should keep in mind when searching for colleges (Casey Erickson, Saint Thomas Academy, Mendota Heights NM)
  13. Filling out your college application (John Haley and Nikolas Jones, Wabash College, Crawfordsville IN)
  14. Top tips for writing college essays (Liz Mechling, Metro HS, Columbus OH)
  15. The importance of visiting colleges (Justin Veigel, Lourdes University, Sylvania OH)
  16. How to get an early start on college applications (Ashley Overman, Dayton Early College Academy, Dayton OH)
  17. Tips for filling out the Activities section (Jane Mathias, Nardin Academy, Buffalo NY)
  18. Options for making college more affordable (David Peake, Shaker Heights City Schools, Shaker Heights OH)
  19. Overcoming Confusion about the financial aid process (Ann Herberson, Papillion-La Vista HS, Papillion NE)
  20. Overcoming fear of college costs (Greg Williams, Westminster School, Simsbury CT)
  21. Advice for students who think they cannot get into college (Beth Broadnax, Columbus City Schools, Columbus OH)
  22. What colleges are looking for in a college essay (Wendy Hamstra-Smith, Saint Louis University, Saint Louis MO)
  23. How to prepare for college interviews (Ellen Erikson, Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware OH)
  24. How students should prepare for Account Rollover (Isa Borras-Marin, Antilles School, St. Thomas)
  25. Why the Activities section of the Common App is important (Vickie Garner, Nichols School, Buffalo NY)
  26. What to do if you can’t afford to visit colleges (Linda Nastari-Perez, Achieve Program, San Francisco CA)
  27. Overwhelmed about applying to college (Darryl Tiggle, Friends School of Baltimore, Baltimore MD, and Jenni Pfeiffer, Rye Country Day School, Rye NY)
  28. What International Students need to know (Geng Zhang, Balboa International Education, Poulsbo WA)
  29. For Students focused on only one college/university (Matt McLeod, The Covenant Preparatory School, Kingwood TX)
  30. Keeping up with college deadlines (Kevin Kehoe, Strake Jesuit College Preparatory, Houston TX)
  31. How Students can stay ahead of deadlines (Jill Okey, Hudson HS, Hudson OH)
  32. Advice for writing college essays (Danya Berry, Dayton Early College Academy, Inc., Dayton OH)
  33. Dealing with Stress on the most stressful part of the college application (Jawaan Wallace, Brentwood School, Los Angeles CA)
  34. About an Inspirational First Generation Student (Yetunde Rubinstein, Brentwood School, Los Angeles CA)
  35. For First Generation Students unsure about college application process (Yetunde Rubinstein, Brentwood School, Los Angeles CA)
  36. Why Students use the Common App (Michael Pina, Greens Farms Academy, Greens Farms CT)
  37. Tips for writing the personal essay (Belkise Dallam, St. Peters Preparatory School, Jersey City NJ)
  38. Explaining the Common App (David Volain, King Low Heywood Thomas School, Sandford CT)
  39. First Generation Students preparing college applications (Ed Schoenberg, Bellarmine College Preparatory, San Jose CA)
  40. How to prepare for filling out college applications (Lucia Martin, Dorado PR)
  41. The Common App app to track your college applications (video from
  42. Money for College – Grants, Financial Aid, Filling out the FAFSA (video from
  43. Creating a Common App account (video from

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