College Tuition & Distance Search is the easy map way to find colleges you may be interested in that are within a 250 mile or less “distance” or “radius” of any college or location in the United States, based on how much “tuition” you are willing to pay, or any other available factors that YOU decide to input.­čśŐ Click here or on the screenshot below to get started.


College Map Radius Distance Tuition 2019

Source Credit: U.S. Department of Education. “College Map” is in beta, and is ready for you to use!

How It Works. Click on College Map or the screenshot image above and search away! Then take a CollegeWindow “college visit online” or get there using┬á our CollegeWindow national map access and use the CollegeWindow compare colleges with videos feature, and more! Or vice versa – it’s up to you.

Many Ways. You can enhance your map search in many ways by typing an address or college name into the “Find Your College” box, (at top left of College Map), and then adding or subtracting FACTORS such as: (1) type of college (public, private, for profit), (2) major, (3) state, (4) DISTANCE (RADIUS) (adjustable up to a 250 miles radius), (5) degree (certificate, associates, bachelors, graduate), (6) TUITION, (7) on-campus housing availability, (8) setting (rural, town, suburban, city), (9) school size (small, mid-size, large), (10) school level (less than 2 years, 2 years, 4 years). Then, if you want, you can download your search results into an Excel spreadsheet by clicking the download arrow (at top right of College Map). Voila!